5 Spring-Time Tips to Save Energy in Your Home

Living an environmentally-friendly lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to give up everything. It just means you have to make some smart choices about how you live. Spring, a time of growth and new beginnings, is the perfect time to assess your energy needs and find ways to drive those costs down. Here are some simple … Continued

9 Reason to Buy Your Own Home

A lot of people wait longer to buy a home than they should. They’re throwing money away! Even if you can’t scrape enough together for a down payment, you should speak with a bank or mortgage broker. They have all types of solutions to help you out. Here are some reasons why you should buy … Continued

4 Types of People Who Install Solar Panels

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular. They offer numerous benefits to home and business owners. You don’t see them on every home yet, but that day is coming. It leads us to ask: Who are the people having these panels installed on their roofs? What are they like? What do they value? Here’s a quick … Continued

8 Ways Your Business Can Reduce its Energy Costs

Running a business is tough. There’s a lot more to worry about and handle when you’re the boss. Every business is looking for ways to reduce their costs. It’s not just homeowners who are feeling the sting of rising energy costs. Businesses are feeling the same pains, but they are forced to pass the cost … Continued

7 Home Maintenance Tips to Avoid Big Bills

Owning a home is a smart investment, but you have to work to maintain that investment. That includes making regular repairs. Like most things, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound cure,” so look for ways you can solve common homeowner problems before they create a big bill. Here are some tips. 1. Replace … Continued