11 Design Features of a Sustainable Home

The wave of the future is complete sustainability. We not only want to become energy independent as a nation, but as individuals as well. Imagine a world where you made all the energy you needed right on your own property, you produced little waste and you preserved the environment. That day is coming! If you … Continued

How Do I Pay for My Solar PV Installation?

We hear this question a lot. People can tell right away that solar is best for them and the environment, but it’s a relatively new technology (compared to fossil fuels), so there is a cost associated with making the switch. There’s no “best” way to pay for your installation. It all depends on what works … Continued

Rooftop Solar Panels vs. Ground Systems

When you’ve decided to have solar panels installed, you have two main options: You can choose roof-mounted panels or ground-mounted panels. Each type of installation has their own advantages and disadvantages. Neither is best. You (and our designers and installers) will have to decide which option is the best for your situation. Here are the … Continued

Does Cold Weather and Snow Affect Solar Panel Performance?

I know, I know. It’s summertime. Who is worried about the snow in July? Unfortunately, cold weather and snow is a big part of our lives here in Connecticut. We have to make decisions about our energy needs (and costs) and property with that in mind. Any work you have done to your home will … Continued

Top 5 Reasons People are Switching to Solar Energy

It’s no surprise that when we ask people why they’ve chosen to go solar, they all seem to give us the same reasons. The benefits are just too hard to ignore. Check out this short list of reasons people are making the switch. 1. Energy bill savings This is the most common reason, so it … Continued