9 Tips for People Buying Their First Home

If you’re like many Americans, you dream of owning your own home one day. There’s a sense of pride that everyone should experience when they look over their property and think, “This is my place in the world.” But buying and owning a home can be a tough experience. Worth it, but tough. Here are … Continued

Connecticut Receives High Interconnection Rating

When you install solar panels, you hook them up to the states power grid. This is called “interconnection.” As a solar panel installer and contractor in Connecticut, we do this all the time. “Wait a minute,” you ask. “Why do I need to connect to the grid if I have my own energy?” That’s a … Continued

The 4 Types of People Who Install Solar Panels

As our company travels around, installing roofs and solar panels in Connecticut, we get to meet a lot of people. While everyone has their own wants and desires, when it comes to their energy needs, people pretty much have the same motivations. Here are the four types of people we typically meet when we install … Continued

What to Know About Solar Panel Safety

For many people, solar panels are a new technology. When we install them, they have lots of questions. We like to stress the importance of safety so you and your family can continue to enjoy the benefits of solar panels for years to come. Here are some safety rules you must know. 1. No one … Continued

7 Tips for Clearing Snow Off Your Roof

Here in Connecticut, we’re known to have some nasty winters. We can get several feet of snow over the course of the season, sometimes in one storm. If you own your own home, surely you’re worried about the weight on your roof and the damage snow can cause. Here are some tips for clearing that … Continued