14 Tips to Efficiently Cool Your Home

Spring is well underway. That means summer will be on us before we know it. Before you turn on your AC, make sure your home it optimized to provide the best cooling possible. The best thing you can do to improve energy efficiency is to install solar panels in Connecticut so you’re actually using the … Continued

The 10 Most Common Roof Problems

To many, a roof is a single component of their home that needs replacing every seven to ten years. But your roof is actually a complex structure with many pieces. If you can prevent one of those pieces from going bad or causing a problem, you can save the whole unit. Here are the most … Continued

How to Clean Your Solar Panels

We speak with a lot of people who ask if their solar panels in Connecticut require regular cleaning. They figure that everything else does, so this high-tech piece of equipment must too. But that isn’t the case! Solar panels are actually far easier to clean than most people realize. You don’t have to do any … Continued

How Solar Energy Can Help Schools

Lately there have been a few articles in the news about schools adopting solar energy. I think this is fantastic and hope the trend continues. If you work for a school or have some decision-making power in a school system, here are some ways solar energy can help the school. 1. It teaches kids about … Continued