5 Common Mistakes People Make When they Go Solar

We make buying solar panels in Connecticut a simple process, but there’s still plenty of information for the homeowner to understand. As such, we see some common mistakes over and over. Here are some mistakes you might make when buying solar panels and how you can prevent them. 1. Going with deals that seem too … Continued

Prototype Solar Barge Could be the Future of Solar Technology

One of the major challenges of using solar panels on a large, global scale is the amount of land space they would have to take up. We can reduce the need for space by improving their efficiency (which scientist and engineers are certainly working on), but for now it is a genuine concern. However, more … Continued

9 Spring Fixes for Your Home (That Save Money)

Owning a home comes with an enormous amount of responsibility, but also a lot of satisfaction when you look around at your spot in the world. Now that it’s spring, there’s plenty to do! Here are some spring fixes you might want to take advantage of. 1. Install solar panels It’s the perfect time to … Continued

7 Summer Roofing Maintenance Tasks You Can’t Ignore

Summer is approaching, so now is a good time to make sure our roofs are prepared. “Wait a minute,” you ask. “Prepared for summer?” Even though we don’t associate summer with harsh weather, there are still some things that can damage our roofing. Here are some tasks you should perform to maintain a healthy roof. … Continued

8 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

A person’s “carbon footprint” refers to the amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds emitted due to the consumption of fossil fuels. In a society that has become completely dependent on fossil fuels for everything, it’s tough to not only realize the impact you’re having on the environment, but to then reduce your footprint. … Continued