The 5 Types of Renewable Energy

Types of Renewable EnergyEvery year, our energy demands increase. There’s always a new gadget or device that needs to be plugged in, or a machine created to do a manual job. There’s no way that fossil fuels can continue to sustain us. When we burn coal, oil, or even a tree, that source is gone and won’t return until long after we expend our other resources. It’s time that we, as a nation, begin to embrace more renewable forms of energy.

1. Solar Power

Solar power is renewable because the sun will remain a source for energy for billions of years. It produces far more energy than we could possibly use. Capturing the sun’s rays in photovoltaic panels, we can create electricity to power just about anything. It’s perfectly clean and non-polluting.

Solar power is currently the most reliable and effective form of renewable energy we can access. As more and more people adopt solar energy, it won’t be long before it becomes our primary source of power. It’s the only form of renewable power that you can easily integrate into your home.

2. Wind Power

To generate power, giant fan blades are turned by the wind. The fan turns a turbine, which generates electricity without creating any pollutants. This is one of the cheapest forms of energy we have available, but there are a couple drawbacks.

First, we would need a lot of wind towers. They would have to be scattered all over the country and most people don’t want to see them all over the landscape. Second, there are some concerns about long-term damage to local habitats. Air flow influences vegetation is various ways that are hard to predict.

3. Biomass

Biomass is the method of using plant matter and animal waste to create electricity. They can be used to create liquid fuels to power our vehicles and homes. It’s a renewable source because there’s always going to be this leftover matter, but it does produce some carbon pollution. Currently, the technology isn’t as advanced as wind or solar, so it’s still expensive, and if it’s not done just right, it can actually cause damage to the environment.

4. Geothermal Energy

By using heated water and steam (which turn turbines) to run power stations, we can generate electricity. Many countries in the world have embraced geothermal energy, such as the Philippines, Iceland and El Salvador. However, the plants are expensive to build and they are limited to regions with high geometric activity.

5. Hydroelectric Power

Hydroelectric power uses flowing water to spin turbines. Currently, it provides 20% of the world’s energy needs, so it’s a tool we’ve already embraced as much as we can. Unfortunatly, to produce this type of energy, rivers must be dammed (which influences local wildlife, including fishing) and the cost to make the dams are massive.

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