8 Warning Signs That You Need a New Roof

Warning Signs That You Need a New RoofIf you’re like most homeowners, you don’t check your roof often. You notice your windows, siding and lawn, but rarely look up. Combine that with the fact that your roof lasts a couple decades and many people rarely think about the cover that’s keeping a lot of weather out.

Inspecting your roof regularly can keep you from making costly repairs. Even still, the roof will have to be replaced at some time. Don’t wait until water is pouring into your living room to have work done. Here are the warning signs that you need a new roof.

1. Missing shingles

This is an obvious sign and the one people usually rely on. The missing shingle spot stick out or you might find the shingle in your yard. Since all your shingles were installed at the same time and experienced the same weather conditions, it’s likely that if one has fallen, more are to come.

2. Warped shingles

Even if all your shingles are present, they don’t do much good if they are curling and buckling. Walk around your home and examine the shingles at different angles to find the ones that aren’t behaving uniformly.

3. Consider the age of your roof

A typical roof on the average home should last between 20 and 25 years. If it’s older than that, chances are it’s beginning to fall apart, even if you can’t see any obvious signs. If the previous roof was never removed (because of a cheap job or dishonest contractor), this actually can reduce the top roof’s lifespan.

4. Missing or broken roof valley

A roof valley is a channel on your roof where too sections meet. This is designed to protect the junction and carry rain and snow away from your roof so it doesn’t pile up. If the valley is compromised, you will be prone to water leaks.

5. Cracked chimney flashing

The area around your chimney is another easy spot for water to sneak through. If your flashing is made with cement or tar, over time this can erode and leave you exposed. With your new roof, you’ll need a long-term, water-tight metal flashing system.

6. Shingle granules in your gutters

Granules are the rough materials on the top of the shingles. Over time, weather and general age can strip the shingles of these granules. They’re hard to see on the ground and the wind can take them away, plus it’s tough to judge how much a particular shingle has lost. The best way to determine if these are falling off is to check your gutters.

7. Daylight coming through the roof boards

Step into your attic to check for light. If you see any spots of light on your attic floor (that isn’t coming from a window), you have cracks in your roof and inadequate insulation. This is a big sign that you should replace your roof because it means water is definitely finding its way through.

8. Water damage or leaking

If you start finding water puddles on your floor or dark spots and water trails after a rain, your roof is likely the culprit. Make sure to check in the attic if you have one. Many people don’t venture into their attic often and fail to see signs of roof damage.

Written by Joe Chenoweth, President of Smart Roofs


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