How Solar Power Will Affect the Future of Medicine

There is no doubt that the pacemaker is one of the great inventions of the 20th century. This electronic device is inserted inside the human body to control abnormal heart rhythms, thus giving a new lease on life to those afflicted.

However, pacemakers have limitations: Since they are battery operated, they must not only be bulky enough to fit the battery but, after a certain length of time elapses, further surgical implantations are required to replace the battery. Thankfully, recent research from Switzerland suggests an alternative: solar energy.

The Swiss scientists have implanted a solar-powered pacemaker in pigs, who have similar skin to humans. While their device cannot be implanted in humans just yet, they have tested a prototype that uses special human skin-like glass filters. Then these filters were put on a small solar panel that was placed on an arm band on multiple human volunteers.

Their tests showed that, despite Switzerland not being a very sunny location, these panels were still able to get enough sun to generate plenty of power for a cardiac pacemaker. Their elderly volunteers even produced the most power out of the entire group. Cardiac pacemakers do not require much energy at all so the scientists believe that the implantable device could generate the needed energy just through artificial lights – and possibly even a flashlight.

This amazing breakthrough would make a big difference in the medical community, especially if it does not ever require a pacemaker to be replaced.

Written by Joe Chenoweth, President of Smart Roofs

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