Teaching Kids to Be Green

It’s now more important than ever to go eco-friendly in an effort to help keep our environment protected and keep our families protected. So how do we go about teaching our kids why it’s so important to be green and how they can help? Actions always speak louder than words so we should practice doing what we can around our homes to serve as good role models for our children. They look up to everything we do and absorb things like a sponge! Here are a couple of ways you can teach your kids go green:


Go on nature walks

The first thing you should do with your children is instill in them a love for nature. Once they see how beautiful our environment really is, they will understand why it’s so important to protect it. Make nature walks part of your family’s weekly routine and point out all of your surroundings – explain to your kids how trees, flowers, bees, birds, etc. all work together in harmony and how they shouldn’t be disrupted.


Practice recycling

Set up a recycling station at home with different colored bins each labeled with pictures of what should go in each bin. You can even make a game out of it and cover up the images and have kids guess what items go in which bins. You get 1 point for every right answer and whoever gets the most points wins!


Conserve water

Kids should learn that water is a limited resource in some areas and that’s why we need to use it wisely and cut back on long showers. Teach them not to let the water run while brushing teeth and doing other tasks and get their ideas on how else you can save water.


Eco-friendly toys

Talk to your kids about what materials make up the toys they play with and see if you can find some eco-friendly toys for their playroom. Toys made out of wood and recycled materials are not only better for the planet – they’re also better for your kids’ health.



When your kids outgrow their toys, books, and clothes, ask them to create a donation pile and have them come with you to a secondhand store or drop-off center to get rid of the items. Let them know that these items will be going to another family who needs them and how purchasing secondhand goods is a way of recycling and better for the environment than purchasing brand new products.


Written by Joe Chenoweth, President of Smart Roofs

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