Why Solar is Taking Over the Energy Industry

solar energy taking over the industryWe’ve spent a large part of the last two decades worrying about oil prices, volatility in the Middle East, and our energy consumption habits. In the meantime, solar technology has expanded rapidly and begun to take large chunks out of the energy market. Solar energy is predicted to spread rapidly over the next five years throughout the United States, creating tremendous job growth and investment opportunities. Here’s why solar is taking over the energy industry.

Solar energy is as clean as it gets

With no moving pieces and nothing to consume, solar panels do not cause any impact on the environment. The sun’s light causes a reaction within the panels that generate a charge, which is collected by a circuit. No oil to pump and spill, no coal to dig and burn, and no gas to collect.

It’s literally infinite

The sun isn’t going anywhere for a long time. It will probably outlast the Earth itself. The sun is a giant nuclear fusion reaction that’s constantly pumping out more energy than we could possibly use. Each day, the Earth receives 35,000 times the amount of energy we need for that day. It’s all spilling in, ready for the taking.

The cost is dropping quickly

Any new innovation has costs. Before we built the necessary infrastructures, every energy resource was expensive. Oil drillers can locate and pump a well quickly these days, but it took a long time to develop the technology to find those deposits and reach them. Coal is easy to dig free, but it took time and money to dig those mines.

And truthfully, solar panels were expensive at one point, but now there are factories all over and solar panel installation services that can get you up and running quickly and expertly. The cost is dropping so quickly, that the International Energy Agency estimates solar could make up half our energy sources by 2050.

In the long run, solar will be cheaper than oil because its cost is based on the panels, not the energy source. The cost of the panels will only come down, but as oil become scarcer, its price will rise.

Homeowners love solar

Homeowners quickly see the advantages of solar, and quickly reap the benefits. This creating an ever-increasing stream of referrals. One person tells his neighbor, who tells his friend, who tells his uncle. There’s nothing that gets people talking more than saving money, and since everyone can save without affecting one another (it’s not as if my gain is your loss – not at all), people are eager to share their news with others.

The market for solar energy is massive

Technologies always benefit the most when there’s a hungry market aching for it. It’s easier for businesses to invest in solar research when they know there’s a payday at the other end. In fact, the solar energy market is the entire energy market. Everyone who uses energy (which is most of us) would absolutely benefit from free energy.

Interestingly, businesses are some of the early adapters. We’re seeing large companies with big pieces of land fill them up with solar panels to offset their massive energy costs. Sports stadiums, department stores, and even the military are installing solar panels.

Written by Joe Chenoweth, President of Smart Roofs


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