A Postive Design strategy from Smart Roofs Solar begins with evaluating your lighting energy consumption, identifying needs specific to your environment, and pinpointing innovative solutions directly with our manufacturers (e.g. LED lamps, fixtures, controls, sensors, etc.).
Financial benefits for our customers drive our solution strategies. By integrating the right technology into our customers’ facilities, we improve their working environments in every sense: increased asset value; decreased operating expense; improved productivity and employee well-being; enhanced experience; and enterprise sustainability.
Our project-management expertise in the commercial business sector is broad. Smart Roofs Solar clients include manufacturers, warehouse and logistics/distribution companies, retail and convenience stores, property owners and management companies, healthcare and education facilities, hospitality operations and government agencies.
According to the Department of Energy, commercial buildings waste 30% or more of the energy they consume.
For example:
In a 200,000 square foot office building that pays $3 per square foot in energy, a 10% reduction in energy cost translates into $60,000 in additional net operating income (NOI). At an 8.0% cap rate, the new found NOI translates into $750,000 in increased asset value.