Smart Roofs Solar Commercial Solar, Roofing and LED Lighting upgrades will help reduce or eliminate your energy bill, improve visibility, and reduce maintenance costs all while protecting our environment.

We work closely with all industries, such as retail, education, medical, multi-family housing, industrial, farming  and more. We can design and install a system that will reduce or eliminate your energy bill while protecting our environment.

With our experienced commercial roofing and solar installers, we have the tools and know-how to make your small or large-scale commercial jobs simple and painless. Our installers have worked with 100’s of commercial roofs and ground mounted systems in CT and MA.

Adding solar to your building’s rooftop

The variety of rooftops found on commercial buildings require very specific mounting systems to work well. Every project is approved by a Structural Engineer for proper weight, wind and snow loads.

Composite and Built-up Rooftops

A very common rooftop material in the northeast. Typically rolled out in 4′ to 12′ widths. We generally use an engineered ballasted racking system with no or very few roof penetrations.

rooftop Solar Systems


Standing Seam Metal

These are excellent for attaching commercial solar arrays because rooftop penetrations are not required to secure the array into place. We use a seam clamp to mechanically fasten the metal roofing to the solar array.

Commercial Rooftop Solar Panels

Modern Membrane Roofing

A single ply membrane made of a variety of different materials. These single ply membranes are excellent for rooftop solar arrays because they are long-lasting and easy to repair and maintain over time. We generally use an engineered ballasted racking system with no or very few roof penetrations.


commercial solar rooftop array


Rock and Gravel Rooftops

These can be a challenge.  In many locations the rocks will need to be removed to allow for the solar array mounting system to make positive contact with the roof surface. If the rocks are not moved, they will be pushed into the membrane and provide locations for water settling and intrusion.


• Gravel Ballasted Commercial Solar Rooftop

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