solar and roofing services in ConnecticutNow is the ideal time for CT homeowners and business owners to switch to solar energy and there is a huge opportunity for you to earn money for each referral you send to Smart Roofs for solar and roofing services in Connecticut.

Cash payouts from our affiliate program are $250 to $1700 per referral with average of $770. Actively or passively sharing with family and friends is easy because solar has huge benefits to the user and to our environment. Best of all, with Smart Roofs, it will save them substantially compared to paying UI or Eversource.


Here are the benefits of switching to solar and why referrals are so simple:


  1. Reduce your energy bill by up to 60% and eventually eliminate your bill all together.
  2. CT rebates are still big in the $1000’s. An average rebate is about $3500.
  3. Solar also adds substantial resale value to your home – as much as 17%, BUT does not add to your property tax.
  4. Solar panel systems are affordable right now with no money-down and 100% financing available with a FICO of 640.
  5. Help the environment by living green and producing all your power needs.
  6. 30% tax credit on Solar

  Installation is quick and seamless…

Complete installation takes about 2-4 days and everything electronic in the home or business, will run as normal even on non-sunny days. Your extra energy will go back to grid, your meter spins backwards and you get to use the energy during the night and on cloudy days days. We review your electric bill and determine how much energy you use in 12 months. We then design a system to produce the same amount of energy. We use 30 years of weather data to project future weather and energy production. 

For roofing projects, installation will be  about 1-5 days depending on size and complexity. We are both State Certified for solar and Master Elite Certified for GAF’s Lifetime Warranty Roofing. Our roofers have completed 1000’s of projects before joining Smart Roofs Solar. Everything from small homes and businesses, churches and schools and everything in between. We are experienced in standard asphalt shingles, standing seam metal, wood, slate and copper.

5 minutes or less a week can get you $100’s in referral cash!

With a wide array of tools we provide to you (including pre-created content and graphics), making referrals is easy! Sending a simple email to your contacts can put thousands of dollars in your pocket. It’s projected that 40% of CT homes will have solar installed by 2020. This is your chance to earn substantial referral fees for little to no effort.

There is absolutely no cost or selling required.

Passive Affiliate Tools – T
otal Time: 1-3 minutes weekly

  • Your own Smart Roofs affiliate website page with your contact information
  • Automatic affiliate tracking on all inquiries and sales
  • Templates/Scripts for sending Emails/ sharing on Facebook
  • 60 second train at home videos on demand

Active Affiliate Tools (items above plus) – Total
Time: 5-15 minutes weekly

  • Templates/Scripts for phone calls (optional)
  • F.A.Q. for customers to help you understand the product more, simple directions
  • Live Customer Service assistance for any questions you and your referrals have
  • Customer Relation Management Software to help you manage your leads and accounts
  • Custom solar phone number with voice mail forwarding to any phone for tracking
  • 100 custom business cards


Why Work With Smart Roofs?

Smart Roofs works with any size home or business. We are unique because we offer both solar and roofing services plus pay you for sharing our company. Click to learn more about what makes us the best solar and roofing company in Connecticut.