Our team of professional Connecticut residential roofers and installers will respond to your needs quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re looking for a new roof, a re-roof, a roof repair, emergency repair, or solar panel installation, we can help. We offer a suite of complete solar panel design, roofing, and installation services.

Roofing your home or adding solar panels is a complex job that requires a skilled contractor. The contractor you hire should be able to evaluate the job and meet your needs while adhering to your budget. Working with Smart Roofs is easy because our experienced and licensed contractors and installers know how to identify the system that’s right for your home and maximizes your savings.

Our experts can provide you with an estimate for roof work or repairs, solar panel installation, or both. We’ll scope out the project, design a solution that meets your needs and complete the job in a timely manner. We also offer solar and roofing financing options with no money down and a solar + roofing lifetime guarantee.

Why is solar right for your home?

  1. Energy savings (pay little to no energy costs)
  2. Rebates are in the $1,000s still
  3. CT just passed a law for Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), which means you can sell excess solar energy you don’t use. Click to see all 7 compelling reasons why NOW is the time for CT homeowners to switch to solar energy. This red line on this chart represents the current electricity cost rate and its projected rate. Notice how it continues to climb. The green line is the new rate with a solar panel installation. The cost is minuscule and it never changes.

chart showing that electricity costs are climbing, except with solar power

Furthermore, Smart Roofs pays its customers a generous referral fee for every portable or permanent system that a friend or neighbor buys. We even continue to reward you when that friend or neighbor refers another person – you then get an additional referral fee! Referral fees range from $150 to over $800.  Click here to learn more about our affiliate program.

Smart Roofs is a local Connecticut, family-owned business that works with the leading roofing and solar designers, consultants and engineers with over 37 years combined experience. Choose a residential roofing and solar panel installation service that performs quality work you can trust.

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