It can be difficult to pick out a quality contractor to work on one of your most precious investments – your home. Whether you’re looking for a new roof, a re-roof, emergency roof repairs, or a solar panel installation, Smart Roofs can handle anything you need.

As a roofing company and solar panel installer, we take a unique approach to servicing your home. Our talented designers can create a system that solves your needs within your budget.

  • Our teams are trained to install all types of roofs with any material. Whether we’re putting on a new roof or fixing your current one, we can match your style at an affordable cost. We use only the most quality materials sourced from our network of partners. Our crews are well trained, certified and licensed.
  • Our teams are trained to install the most efficient and modern solar panel systems. Due to recent technological improvements and new legislation, solar is cheaper and simpler than ever before. We create a design that suits your needs and your home.

If you need a new roof, it’s the perfect time to install a solar panel system. By combining these two projects, you’ll save time (from dealing with multiple contractors) and money (from operational efficiency plus the tax credits you will receive). Our comprehensive Guarantee covers both the roof and solar panels even if the home is sold.

Choose a residential roofing and solar panel installation service that performs quality work you can trust.

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