7 Easy Ways to Save Money at Your Business

Running a small business isn’t easy these days. You have a myriad of expenses, including taxes, insurance, payroll, and other costs. It used to be simpler to open a small business, but those days are gone. A smart business needs to take advantage of every opportunity it can to save money in order to survive … Continued

3 Reasons Utility Companies Hate Solar Panel Users

As solar energy use grows, the utility companies are seething. After a century of no competition, we’ve finally found a break their monopoly and they aren’t happy about it. Here’s why utilities hate solar panel users. 1. Solar users make it harder for them to do business One of the advantages of being a utility … Continued

5 Steps to Run an Ethical Business

Business gets a bad rap these days. People assume a business will do whatever it needs to make a profit, but that isn’t always the case. Results aren’t everything. Many businesses these days are looking for ways to treat customers and fairly and operate ethically. Here’s how you can run your business ethically. 1. Operate greenly … Continued