How to Clean Your Solar Panels

We speak with a lot of people who ask if their solar panels in Connecticut require regular cleaning. They figure that everything else does, so this high-tech piece of equipment must too. But that isn’t the case! Solar panels are actually far easier to clean than most people realize. You don’t have to do any … Continued

10 Spring Cleaning Tips for the Home

Ah, spring is ahead! As we meet with homeowners on our roofing and solar panel installations, we find that a lot of people are getting in the spring cleaning mood. They’re waiting for a weekend of good weather to open up their homes and let the fresh air inside. When it comes to spring cleaning, … Continued

5 Ways to Prevent Damage to Your Solar Panels

We all know that installing solar panels can end up saving you tons of money on utility bills in the future. However, the one criticism is that these money-saving panels are a very expensive up-front cost. Your panels are extremely durable on their own, but with such an important investment on your home, you’ll want … Continued

How to Maintain Your Solar Panels

Most people have an impression that a solar panel is a delicate piece of equipment. That isn’t true at all. In fact, they are quite durable. Unlike most pieces of machinery, a solar panel has no moving parts. That means there is less to wear down and requirement replacing. Solar panels can last as long … Continued

7 Home Maintenance Tips to Avoid Big Bills

Owning a home is a smart investment, but you have to work to maintain that investment. That includes making regular repairs. Like most things, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound cure,” so look for ways you can solve common homeowner problems before they create a big bill. Here are some tips. 1. Replace … Continued