3 Step Guide to Having Solar Panels Installed on Your Home

To many people, the idea of solar panels seems overwhelming. They are a new technology that most people don’t understand. They worry that having something so complex on their roof opens them up to disaster. But that isn’t the case! Having solar panels installed is as easy as hiring any other contractor. Here are the … Continued

Why It Makes Sense to Get Your Roofing and Solar in One Place

I’ve been asked before, “Joe, why does your company do roofing and solar panel installations? Isn’t that an odd combination?” I understand the question, but no, it’s not odd. In nearly all residential and commercial cases, solar panels are affixed to the roof of a home or building. It’s not a simple glue-job, either. The … Continued

Checklist of 11 Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor

Most homeowners only hire a contractor to make a change to their home every eight years or so. That means you probably don’t have a lot of experience dealing with them. Your roof is one of the most important components of your house, so it’s imperative that you hire a quality contractor to make any … Continued

Google’s Newest Service: Project Sunroof

As we know, Google is one of the most progressive companies on the planet. From their wearable tech to their self-driving cars, they’re pushing the envelope of the technology in our lives. It’s no surprise that Google wants to support solar technology. As one of the fastest growing energy sectors, solar is going to the … Continued

Home Improvement: DIY or Call a Professional?

Depending on the type of home improvement you’re looking for, you may be undecided about hiring a contractor or doing it yourself. Obviously you can change your own light bulbs and hang Christmas lights, but would you tackle an addition or basement finishing? There are benefits to doing work yourself, but also benefits to hiring … Continued