9 Ways to Protect Your Home from Water Damage

We’re coming up on summer soon, which can be a particularly rainy season here in Connecticut. The storms can come hard and fast when you least expect them. You may not worry about a little water, but even the slightest amount can be hazardous to your home. Water gets into all the little unavoidable cracks … Continued

5 Essential Spring Roof Maintenance Tips

Roof maintenance is often ignored by many homeowners. Since they don’t walk over or through their roof every day (like you would your walkway, door, or driveway), they don’t think to check it. That’s why we have to make it a point to deliberately check our roofs regularly. Now that that the seasons are changing … Continued

7 Tips for Clearing Snow Off Your Roof

Here in Connecticut, we’re known to have some nasty winters. We can get several feet of snow over the course of the season, sometimes in one storm. If you own your own home, surely you’re worried about the weight on your roof and the damage snow can cause. Here are some tips for clearing that … Continued

The Importance of a Fall Roof Inspection in Connecticut

Autumn is well underway and winter is quickly approaching. If you haven’t yet, now is the time to take careful inventory of your property to prepare yourself for winter. Many of us don’t bring in the herd and stack firewood anymore, but there are still some necessary precautions to take, especially for those of us … Continued

5 Ways to Prevent Damage to Your Solar Panels

We all know that installing solar panels can end up saving you tons of money on utility bills in the future. However, the one criticism is that these money-saving panels are a very expensive up-front cost. Your panels are extremely durable on their own, but with such an important investment on your home, you’ll want … Continued