14 Tips to Efficiently Cool Your Home

Spring is well underway. That means summer will be on us before we know it. Before you turn on your AC, make sure your home it optimized to provide the best cooling possible. The best thing you can do to improve energy efficiency is to install solar panels in Connecticut so you’re actually using the … Continued

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about solar panels. Even though they are not a new technology, they aren’t widely available to residential and commercial homes/buildings yet, so to most people, they may as well be brand new. One of the biggest concerns people have about solar panels is their cost. It’s no secret … Continued

What Does “Energy Efficient” Mean?

As the world’s technology advances and our energy needs increases, we’ve become increasingly concerned about the need to be energy efficient. “Energy efficiency” can mean a few things. Primarily, it means using energy in a way that doesn’t hinder the rest of the planet. For example, if we continue to rely on fossil fuels for … Continued