Why You Can’t Disconnect From the Grid in Connecticut

I get this question all the time, so I thought it was worth a blog post. Many people begin looking into solar panels because they like the idea of independence and self-sufficiency. Power outages are frustrating, so people want to keep their power flowing even when the grid isn’t working properly. Naturally, they look to … Continued

The 4 Types of People Who Install Solar Panels

As our company travels around, installing roofs and solar panels in Connecticut, we get to meet a lot of people. While everyone has their own wants and desires, when it comes to their energy needs, people pretty much have the same motivations. Here are the four types of people we typically meet when we install … Continued

Top 5 Reasons People are Switching to Solar Energy

It’s no surprise that when we ask people why they’ve chosen to go solar, they all seem to give us the same reasons. The benefits are just too hard to ignore. Check out this short list of reasons people are making the switch. 1. Energy bill savings This is the most common reason, so it … Continued