Solar Panels 101: 8 Things to Know

Investing in solar panels is a big decision. It’s a smart decision, but it’s important to know what you’re getting into. Here are some things to know about solar panels. 1. Understand your power company’s rates In many places, energy rates are divided into tiers. The more energy you consume, the higher your rates go … Continued

How to Maintain Your Solar Panels

Most people have an impression that a solar panel is a delicate piece of equipment. That isn’t true at all. In fact, they are quite durable. Unlike most pieces of machinery, a solar panel has no moving parts. That means there is less to wear down and requirement replacing. Solar panels can last as long … Continued

8 Different Types of Renewable Energy

It’s so encouraging to see new types of renewable energy sources continually being discovered and worked on. We live in a world that has relied on fossil fuels for far too long, and renewable sources are now more important than ever. We’re probably all familiar with solar energy by now, but do you know all … Continued

5 Steps to Run an Ethical Business

Business gets a bad rap these days. People assume a business will do whatever it needs to make a profit, but that isn’t always the case. Results aren’t everything. Many businesses these days are looking for ways to treat customers and fairly and operate ethically. Here’s how you can run your business ethically. 1. Operate greenly … Continued