9 Spring Fixes for Your Home (That Save Money)

Owning a home comes with an enormous amount of responsibility, but also a lot of satisfaction when you look around at your spot in the world. Now that it’s spring, there’s plenty to do! Here are some spring fixes you might want to take advantage of. 1. Install solar panels It’s the perfect time to … Continued

The 10 Most Common Roof Problems

To many, a roof is a single component of their home that needs replacing every seven to ten years. But your roof is actually a complex structure with many pieces. If you can prevent one of those pieces from going bad or causing a problem, you can save the whole unit. Here are the most … Continued

5 Essential Spring Roof Maintenance Tips

Roof maintenance is often ignored by many homeowners. Since they don’t walk over or through their roof every day (like you would your walkway, door, or driveway), they don’t think to check it. That’s why we have to make it a point to deliberately check our roofs regularly. Now that that the seasons are changing … Continued

How Winter Weather Affects Your Roof

While you have no intention of going up on your roof during the winter, this time of year is known for doing a fair amount of damage to the most important (and expensive) component of our homes. Here are some ways your roof is affected during the winter months. There’s not much you can do … Continued

5 Tips for Protecting Your Roof in the Winter

It hasn’t snowed yet here in the Connecticut, but it would be odd to have a winter without any snow at all, so it’s best to be prepared. Here are some tips to protect your roof before it snows and some tips to keep it in tip-top shape when it does. 1. Check your roof … Continued