4 Big Ways You Benefit from Net Metering

Net metering is a program offered by utility companies in most states (including Connecticut) that essentially lets you use the power grid as one big battery. When you need more energy than you’re producing, you’ll draw from the utility company. When you produce more than you need, you send it to the grid. This puts … Continued

9 Ways to Protect Your Home from Water Damage

We’re coming up on summer soon, which can be a particularly rainy season here in Connecticut. The storms can come hard and fast when you least expect them. You may not worry about a little water, but even the slightest amount can be hazardous to your home. Water gets into all the little unavoidable cracks … Continued

7 Summer Roofing Maintenance Tasks You Can’t Ignore

Summer is approaching, so now is a good time to make sure our roofs are prepared. “Wait a minute,” you ask. “Prepared for summer?” Even though we don’t associate summer with harsh weather, there are still some things that can damage our roofing. Here are some tasks you should perform to maintain a healthy roof. … Continued

The 10 Most Common Roof Problems

To many, a roof is a single component of their home that needs replacing every seven to ten years. But your roof is actually a complex structure with many pieces. If you can prevent one of those pieces from going bad or causing a problem, you can save the whole unit. Here are the most … Continued