Why You Should Choose LED Lighting for Your Company

Lighting is a concern of every business owner. You need it to illuminate your products and keep your employees and customers safe. Surely you’ve started to see more LED lights. These softer, more illuminating versions of traditional lights are becoming increasingly popular in businesses and homes. They have a few impressive advantages for businesses… 1. … Continued

3 Ways Solar Panels Save You Money

It’s well known that solar energy is a clean, renewable source. But truthfully, that isn’t enough for many people to switch over. They need an immediate benefit. Fortunately, solar energy as that too. It can save you bunch of money. 1. There are lots of tax incentives The government (both federal and state) are urging … Continued

43 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Energy Costs

We ALL want to save a bit of money. Here’s a bit list of ways you can use less electricity in your home. Get an energy audit so you know exactly how you’re spending electricity and where you should cut back. Change your furnace filter so it runs efficiently. Do not cover radiators with screens … Continued

7 Easy Ways to Save Money at Your Business

Running a small business isn’t easy these days. You have a myriad of expenses, including taxes, insurance, payroll, and other costs. It used to be simpler to open a small business, but those days are gone. A smart business needs to take advantage of every opportunity it can to save money in order to survive … Continued

The 4 Types of People Who Install Solar Panels

As our company travels around, installing roofs and solar panels in Connecticut, we get to meet a lot of people. While everyone has their own wants and desires, when it comes to their energy needs, people pretty much have the same motivations. Here are the four types of people we typically meet when we install … Continued