6 Ways to Challenge Yourself to Go Green

Going green means living a lifestyle that protects the planet and reduces your impact on our environment. Some people take “going green” to an extreme and live off the land in rural places, but that type of lifestyle isn’t necessary to limit your carbon footprint. This year, challenge yourself to go green by living with … Continued

Big Rate Increase for Eversource and United Illuminating Customers

As of January first, Eversource Energy and United Illuminating Co. customers probably noticed that their electric bills have gotten a bit higher. 15% higher, in fact. These new rates take effect from January 1st to June 30th and affect all residential customers who use Eversource Energy and United Illuminating’s standard offer rate. Eversource’s increase was … Continued

Google’s Newest Service: Project Sunroof

As we know, Google is one of the most progressive companies on the planet. From their wearable tech to their self-driving cars, they’re pushing the envelope of the technology in our lives. It’s no surprise that Google wants to support solar technology. As one of the fastest growing energy sectors, solar is going to the … Continued

The 3 Types of Solar Energy Technology

Solar energy is one of the cleanest and most abundant forms of energy we have available. If everything were powered with solar energy, there would be less pollution and a lot more cheap energy to go around. The United States is one of the leaders in solar energy production and we’re working to keep it … Continued