3 Reasons Solar Energy is Better than Wind

As we spend time and energy researching renewable energies, two different types seem to always be competing for funding: solar and wind. Both have their merits, and both have their place, but we have to put our money somewhere. Solar energy has a great capacity to produce more energy for our society. It has already … Continued

4 Common Arguments Against Solar Panels and Their Solutions

There’s no question that the world needs a better energy solution. Fossil fuels just aren’t cutting it anymore. They’re expensive, limited, and damaging our environment. Solar energy is our best bet. Not only is it infinitely renewable (more so than any other form of energy), but it’s the most advanced technology of the renewables. Still, … Continued

How do Solar Panels Work?

Admittedly, the average person doesn’t know much about solar energy. For a long time, it was considered a far-off technology with no immediate benefit. That isn’t the case anymore, so it’s good for people to understand how solar works. Solar cells are also call photovoltaic (PV) cells. A group of these cells (called a “module”) … Continued

9 Solar Energy Myths

As solar energy becomes popular to more people, people are asking a lot of questions. We hear the same bits of misinformation every day. Here are some common solar energy misconceptions and their truths. Myth #1: I should wait for newer technology. Solar technology has changed little since the 1960s. It’s become a bit more … Continued

Why Solar is Taking Over the Energy Industry

We’ve spent a large part of the last two decades worrying about oil prices, volatility in the Middle East, and our energy consumption habits. In the meantime, solar technology has expanded rapidly and begun to take large chunks out of the energy market. Solar energy is predicted to spread rapidly over the next five years … Continued