5 Essential Spring Roof Maintenance Tips

Roof maintenance is often ignored by many homeowners. Since they don’t walk over or through their roof every day (like you would your walkway, door, or driveway), they don’t think to check it. That’s why we have to make it a point to deliberately check our roofs regularly. Now that that the seasons are changing … Continued

15 Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Everyone wants a beautiful home. You spend a lot of time and money on your home, so you want it to look prim and proper all the time. If you’re looking to sell your home, this is even more important, because buyers make decisions in the first couple minutes of seeing a new home. Here … Continued

5 Tips for Protecting Your Roof in the Winter

It hasn’t snowed yet here in the Connecticut, but it would be odd to have a winter without any snow at all, so it’s best to be prepared. Here are some tips to protect your roof before it snows and some tips to keep it in tip-top shape when it does. 1. Check your roof … Continued

5 Ways to Prevent Damage to Your Solar Panels

We all know that installing solar panels can end up saving you tons of money on utility bills in the future. However, the one criticism is that these money-saving panels are a very expensive up-front cost. Your panels are extremely durable on their own, but with such an important investment on your home, you’ll want … Continued

8 Ways Your Business Can Reduce its Energy Costs

Running a business is tough. There’s a lot more to worry about and handle when you’re the boss. Every business is looking for ways to reduce their costs. It’s not just homeowners who are feeling the sting of rising energy costs. Businesses are feeling the same pains, but they are forced to pass the cost … Continued