With electricity prices on the rise, it’s time for homeowners to achieve energy independence by making the switch to solar. Every year, more and more homeowners and business owners are switching to solar power, thus choosing a clean and sustainable way to lower their electric bill.

Solar technology has come a long way in recent years. The cost of solar panels has fallen 50% since 2008. Converting to solar is now an easy and affordable process. It’s now possible to significantly reduce and even eliminate your monthly electricity bill by installing a solar panel array to your home.

Here are five reasons you should switch to solar energy.

  1. Reduce your energy bill by up to 60% and eventually eliminate your bill all together.
  2. CT rebates are still big in the $1000’s. An average rebate is about $4500.
  3. Solar also adds substantial resale value to your home – as much as 17%, BUT does not add to your property tax.
  4. Solar panel systems are affordable right now with no money-down and financing available.
  5. Help the environment by living green.
  6. 30% tax credit on Solar (and Roofing when combined together)
  7. Bonus Incentive: Smart Roofs will pay the first 3 months of solar with any new system purchased by June 15th.

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