Projections and Modeling

Make an Informed Decision with Bankable Projections and Clear Modeling 

If you are considering converting to renewable energy, it is important to review the factors involved in your investment.

Even with generous tax breaks, ZREC payments from your utility company and electric bill reduction, you’ll still want to view this as a long-term investment for your business and to fully understand the return on this investment.

Smart Roofs Solar will provide you with a detailed financial model for your potential solar investment. Some of the details to be expected in this model are:

  •   Total system cost – gross and net costs
  •   Tax incentives
  •   Depreciation on capital expenditure
  •   ZREC contribution or “PBIs” (Performance Based Incentives) from utility provider modeled out  up to 15 years
  •   Total Return on Investment
  •   Proper sizing of the system
  •   The projection and forecasting of your utility bill savings
  •   Detailed Cash Flow analysis modeled out 30 years
  •   Exploration and presentation for system payback
  •   System longevity
  •   System warranty
  •   Future planning [increased usage, demand reduction, battery storage, etc]


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