Increase the Profitability of Your Farm

A successful harvest relies on sunshine and rainfall. In the event of reduced rainfall, crops must be irrigated to encourage proper growth. Powering an irrigation system, along with other machines and daily electrical output can cost a farm a large percentage of potential profit.

Harvesting the power of the sun and installing a solar system can significantly reduce the annual energy consumption for the farm while still providing all of the power required to optimize production.

Whether you are pumping water to your crops on a daily basis, lighting and/or heating a barn, or simply drying crops, installing an array of solar panels on your agricultural property can be a very smart choice.

In addition to having your farm benefit directly from the power of the sun, if you have the space, there is also the option of adding a Solar Farm, a ground mounted solar array that can potentially generate revenue.

A Solar Farm differs from roof mounted solar arrays because they are created specifically to create and supply power at the utility level, instead of simply for one user. These are mostly owned and operated by a single, independent user, although the creation and use of community based solar farms is on the rise.

Whatever your farming needs, we can help you navigate the process of determining what is best for you and your farm.

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